Editions Calmann-Lévy-2007





Personal Favorite: The Motionless Traveler
This book . . . is flamboyant, universal, lyrical, painful. Rage, love, dark ideas, and brilliant outbursts, it is he, “motionless earthling,” “piece of dead wood,” “tree with no fruit,” who casts them onto these pages between adolescent candor (“Then I try to laugh so I am handsome”), magnanimity (“My father! Keep playing! Carry no longer that solid sadness that fertilizes misfortune”), and outstanding maturity (“The world’s beauty lies in its disarray.”) . . . Sublime.


Rencontre avec Albert Jacquard

au Festival de Mouans Sartoux en 2007



Journal de Saône et Loire

Book Release: Paul Melki’s Third Book Published by Calmann Lévy
A truly beautiful book, by a true author who has imagination and personal style, who shamelessly refuses to accept the passivity of his condition and instead has the violent desire to live an exceptional adventure: writing.


La Vie

Paul Melki: The Volcano Bird
A ball of fire. The rhythmic sentences seem to gallop and rise to the sky. . . . Impossible for this poet to express himself in prose. . . . We sometimes hurt, and yet we ask for more.