Editions Calmann-Lévy - 2008
Au Paradis de Candide



Muse - October 2008

Paul Melki – Au paradis de Candide (Candide’s Paradise)
OFF THE NORM – Voltaire's Hero Candide Turns up in the Twenty-first Century
Paul . . . dives into the unlikely adventures of Candide, who has been transported from 1759 to the years 2000. . . . he questions and dissects his era. A zany, vivid, and enlightened tale, rich with humor and irony.

Femmes - October 2008

Paul Melki – Au paradis de Candide (Candide’s Paradise)
. . . an author to be cultivated … as we must our garden!


Le Figaro Littéraire

Candide II
Paul Melki puts all of his drive, his desire to live, into his rhythmic, powerful, dancing language: a style with body. . . . His uncompromising lucidity does not alter his curiosity; it even exalts his hedonism: “Were it not for the surprises addressed to us by fate,” he writes in the words of Candide, “we’d have no desire-to-last to support us. It is richer in misery and sadness than in joy ... But it has an incomparable cook’s way of salting your life, peppering it, then sweetening it with the occasional honey well, to which we gladly succumb.” Freestyling in admiration, Melki’s fourth book proves that he has the makings of a novelist.

Le Journal de Saône et Loire

Candide Adapts to the Twenty-first Century
A riveting novel that provides, with humor and depth, an opening, and a new sense to the harsh reality of human life.


Livres hebdo - June 2008

The New Voltaire
Young Paul Melki . . . has now moved on to fiction by inventing twenty-seven . . . unknown chapters of the adventures of Candide, the eponymous hero of Voltaire’s philosophical tale. . . . Paul Melki, who knows his Voltaire by heart, has fun and entertains his reader, with humor and intelligence. In passing, he gives society a piece of his mind . . . .